eména spa Hollywood


Sophisticated Styling 

Our glam squad will have you red carpet ready with their expert beauty styling techniques.

Cuts and Styles

Bang Trim $20
Trim (half inch or less) $45
Haircut (more than half inch) $70
Haircut and Blow Dry $110 and up  
Men’s Haircut $65
Blow Dry $60 and up  
Curls $25
Flat Iron $20
Updo/Special Style $75 and up (blow dry not included) 

Color Services

Brow Tinting $30
Toner $80
Gloss $60
Single Process Color $95
10 Minute Single Process $110
Single Process with Ends $120
Partial Highlights $150 and up
Full Highlights $200 and up
Balayage Half  $195 and up 
Balayage Full $275 and up 
Ombré $175 and up 
Surface Foils (up to 7 face framing foils) $100
Partial Low Lights $120 and up
Full Low Lights $175 and up
Color Correction – pricing available upon consultation 

Great Lengths Hair Extensions 

We are now proud to offer premium hair extensions for  wonderful long hair.  As a certified Great Lengths location, we are able to provide incredibly healthy hair extensions that are totally ethical and traceable and  in a wide range of rich and vibrant colors.  To schedule your free consultation please give us a call to meet with our master stylist.      

Eye Lash Services

Full Set Mink Lash Extensions Eyelashes Extensions $400.00
Full Set Silk Lash Extensions Eyelashes Extensions $300.00
Refill Mink Extensions Eyelashes Extensions  $175.00
Refill Silk Extensions Eyelashes Extensions $150.00
*Prices may vary due to a wide range of determining factors prior to the application of color. Details such as style, methods, amount of product used and characteristics of an individual’s hair all serve as contributing factors.

Deep Conditioner

$40 and up
Penetrates deep into the pores of the hair leaving it soft and shiny.

Keratin Express 

This is a unique treatment for quick, semi-permanent de-frizzing in only 60 minutes. Results last up to six weeks. 

Keratin Treatment

This ultra smoothing treatment penetrates deep into the hair cuticle reducing frizz and curl leaving your hair healthier, smoother while reversing damage while blocking the effects of humidity. This treatment allows for a much easier blow dry, cutting your styling time in half.  Results last up to 5 months.


Virgin $125, Retouch $95


Olaplex allows stylists to push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of the client’s hair. As an additive to color and lightener, olaplex multiplies and links broken bonds in hair, making it stronger and healthier. When used as a stand alone treatment it acts as a deep conditioner helping repair damaged hair. It can also be used as a cutting lotion providing healthier haircuts. Olaplex (Stand Alone Treatment) $75, Olaplex (Haircut Additive)$30 Olaplex (Color Additive)$30

Lahdi Scalp Massage 30 min $95

This stress relieving scalp massage will give you immediate relaxation as it stimulates hair growth and hydrates the scalp. Scalp massages are one of the best ways to relieve stress. This treatment stimulates your nerves and blood vessels which calms tension in your neck and scalp while the hot oil heals dry, damaged or processed hair leaving it soft, silky and shiny. 

HF Scalp Treatment 30 min $95 

This therapy is very effective in treating thinning or slow growing hair. High frequency electrical current infuses the skin with rejuvenating oxygen molecules. A therapeutic zapping or tingling sensation will be experienced. This treatment gently exfoliates the scalp, promotes local blood circulation, stimulates local glandular activity, supplies heat to the area, which is soothing to the nervous system and significantly improves the scalp’s receptiveness to hair growth formulas.

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