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Massage Treatments

Apalo Massage 50/80 min $155/$225

Apalo which means “soft” is our version of the Swedish Massage. Let your stresses fade away with this relaxing experience. Our experienced massage therapists will provide you with gentle strokes and fluid movements to ease your tired muscles. eména spa’s Apalo Massage will leave you with a feeling of relaxation and peace.

Vathi Massage 50/80 min $165/$235

Vathi means “deep” and this massage goes deep into your muscles to untangle knots and release tension. This massage uses slow deep finger pressure to manipulate both muscles and connective tissues. Aches will diminish as deep-pressured strokes help ease tension.

Nike Massage 50/80 min $165/$235

Did you know “Nike” means winner? This regenerative massage that helps ease sore, tight muscles, and enhances circulation is for winners. Your therapist will perform various stretches to increase your range of motion. This treatment is recommended before or after a sport activity.

eména Massage 50/80 min $175/245

Designed to provide the ultimate relaxation experience, the eména massage is a custom treatment that has been created to restore both the mind and body.  With a choice of pressure, combination of essential oils and Hot Stones its no surprise that this rejuvenating massage is one of our most popular services.  

Petra Massage 50/80 min $165/$235

A Petra is a stone and this massage uses smooth, heated stones with therapeutic massage to balance and liberate your energy. Strokes of smooth, heated stones will gently massage your body to help relieve pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar conditions. The Hot Stone Massage may also help with stiff joints and muscle spasms.

Okeanos Massage 80 min $275

Indulge in the ultimate oceanfront massage in your very own private Hydrotherapy room featuring panoramic views of Hollywood Beach.  The treatment begins by relaxing the muscles with a full body hot oil massage.  Next the aquatic treatment begins with a green tea exfoliation that is designed to enrich the body’s skin.  The detoxification is then completed with our signature aquatic massage that is performed in a rhythmic motion.   

Lathi Massage 50/80 min $175/$235

Lathi which means “oil” is a massage consisting of generous amounts of healing oils whose properties are known to revive and nourish the body. The warm oils will help increase circulation, detox the body of impurities, decrease signs of aging and smooth and soften the skin leaving your body feeling nourished and revived.

Agapi  50/80 min $330/$570

Agapi means “my love” so enjoy this with your love. Massage ritual for people looking for absolute relaxation and harmony in the company of their soul mate.





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