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Our nail specialists will use high quality, herb and plant based products to provide you with a luxurious and healthy manicure and/or pedicure experience.

Essential Manicure 45 min $45

Your nails will be filed, cleaned and shaped with care and precision. A relaxing hand and arm massage will then be followed by a finishing touch of polish.

Essential Pedicure 60 min  $75

Start off with a soothing warm footbath. Nails will be filed, cleaned and shaped with care and precision. A relaxing foot and calf massage will then be followed by a finishing touch of polish.

Almond Spa Manicure 75 min $75

This anti aging treatment for your hands starts with our nourishing Almond Milk Bath. Your hand bath begins as a warm-oil soak, and then transforms into a milk bath. Delectable sweet almond oil swirls with jojoba oil and vitamin E in this ultra-conditioning almond pool for hands and nails. Enjoy a rejuvenating Almond Moisture Scrub and Almond Illuminating Masque and finish with a relaxing massage using our Almond Hydrating Lotion. Your hands will be beautiful and silky smooth.

Marine Spa Pedicure 75 min $95

Start with a stimulating mineral foot bath to soothe feet and reduce any inflammation.  Next is a foot scrub and masque to gently polish and condition skin. Our Marine Salt Scrub uses sea salt as a natural exfoliant to soften feet and our Marine Cooling Masque uses sea extracts, mineral clay, and soothing botanicals to invigorate tired soles and toes.  We then seal in the moisture, and make the moment even more enchanting by massaging your feet with our Marine Hydrating Oil. Your feet will feel light and refreshed.

French Upgrade Hands or Feet -15 min $10 

French style nails have a pink base with white nail tips 
If you want a chic and polished look, nothing beats a classic French.

Shellac Upgrade Hands or Feet $25

Durable gel polish that lasts up to 14 days chip free.

French Shellac Upgrade Hands or Feet $15

French style nails using Shellac gel polish.

Callus Treatment 15 min $30

This treatment will break down tough calluses using an alpha-hydroxy serum that aids in loosening the callus and gently buffing dead skin away. Regular callus exfoliation treatments are key to keeping your feet looking and feeling their best.  

Callus Intensive Therapy $20

Add this intensive therapy onto your regular callus treatment. This botanical cream complex further aids in smoothing and alleviating dry cracked heels. Also available for at home maintenance.

Polish Change 15 min $15 

Remove old polish, gently file nails and apply fresh, new polish to perfection. This treatment does not include trimming of nails or toes.

Nail Buff 10 min $10 

Gently bring your nail oils to the surface revealing a natural shine that lasts up to two weeks.

Foot Master Reflexology Pedicure 100 min $275

Rick the Foot Master will take you on a phenomenal journey that you’ve never been before with his exclusive Reflexology Pedicure. Rick will meticulously clean your feet, toes and nails with precision and care. After a thorough pedicure, the magic begins! Using a self-made, natural foot balm, Rick will begin a special foot and leg massage sending you into an extremely blissful state. Using specialized techniques, Rick will massage various pressure points on your feet to help stimulate nerve function, boost your energy level, enhance circulation, ease migraines & headaches, and provide you with a deep sense of relaxation. This treatment is a unique lifetime experience and only available at eména spa. This treatment has a waiting list so we encourage lease call in advance for availability.

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