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Organic Facial 50 min $155

Because everyone is different we have chosen a selection of products designed for all skin types. A custom cocktail of organic fruit and vegetable based skin care products will be chosen specifically to bring out a radiant and glowing complexion. What is your cocktail? Would you like to Lift and Plump, Calm and Soothe, Even and Tone, or Clean and Clear? Mild extraction.

Detox Facial 80 min $195

This is a deep cleansing facial that concentrates on refining the pores. The facial begins with a thorough cleansing followed by a blueberry detox treatment with steam. Blueberries are high in antioxidants and have potent anti aging properties. For further exfoliation a deep yet relaxing facial massage is performed. From there we proceed to extraction as needed. A charcoal-refining mask is the other half of this purifying and refreshing treatment. The soft soufflé mask is full of anti microbial, pore cleaning properties. To boost this treatment add a micro to receive the ultimate deep cleanse. Concentrated extraction.

Hydrobrasion Facial 60 min $250

The Hydrobrasion facial is an amazing treatment that begins by mechanically exfoliating layers of dead skin cells to reveal new, smoother and clearer skin. Then a custom serum specific to your skin type is combined with oxygen and infused into the skin to further detox, nourish and stimulate the skin. This treatment is also deeply hydrating. The result is plump, even-toned, glowing skin. The results are noticeable after just one treatment and it continues to improve over time. The best part is there is zero downtime. This treatment is suitable for all skin types and it helps to reduce fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne scars and sun spots.

Fire & Ice Facial 50 min $165

Fire and Ice makes your skin so nice! We put an organic spin on this celebrity sought after facial to leave your skin glowing, detoxified and firm. By infusing natural fruit acids into the skin along with organic spices to stimulate circulation and detoxify the skin, a remarkable organic exfoliation is achieved. Experience pure pleasure when cold, glass globes are applied to the face using rhythmic, massage motions that will stimulate circulation and skin oxygenation while helping reduce inflammation. A cooling application of chilled organic masques and creams concludes the experience.  Mild extraction.

12 Layers of Bliss 80 min $275

This luxurious treatment combines deep facial massage combined with our most potent skin creams, oils, and serums that will leave your skin plump for weeks. The skin is thoroughly cleansed with rhythmic motions and then massaged with an pure herbal oil specifically chosen for your skin type. Potent serums are then layered onto the skin followed by lush creams and our targeted anti aging products. The manual facial muscle massage performed during this treatment gives your face a workout it so desperately needs. The outcome is Botox without the Botox.  No extraction.

Microdermabrasion 30 min $125

This treatment may be booked alone or added to any facial as an upgrade. Microdermabrasion is a very effective way to exfoliate layers of dead skin cells and reduce the look of large pores.  A gentle vacuum wand will smooth fine lines, lessen the look of discolored skin, and eliminate blemishes, leaving you with a vibrant healthier complexion.  Decolletage, Neck, Buttocks and Back areas also may be treated with microdermabrasion.  Please inquire for pricing of additional body areas.

Oxygen Infusion 30 min $125

This treatment may be booked alone or added to any facial as an upgrade. Oxygen Infusion is an effective treatment for acne, hyperpigmentation, melasma, chloasma, aging, fine lines and wrinkles. A stainless steel pen will emit oxygen and a concentrated serum that will soften the skin while increasing circulation to the tissue thus stimulating skin renewal and providing essential nutrients for skin health.

Blueberry Enzyme Peel 30 min $125

This treatment may be booked alone or added to any facial as an upgrade. This fruit based organic enzyme peel will cause a rush of blood flow to the surface of skin resulting in a detox and purging of impurities. Skin will look visibly plump and feel silky post peel.

Arctic Berry Peel 30 min $125

This treatment may be booked alone or added to any facial as an upgrade. Enzymes in the Arctic Berry enzyme exfoliant break down dead skin cells on the surface, facilitating better penetration of the Arctic Berry Advanced Peel Activator. This self-neutralizing peel will reveal clearer, smoother and more even skin. Finish with our soothing Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream for maximum luminosity. This peel targets aging and hyper-pigmentation, as well as sensitive, rosacea and acne prone skin.

Eye Contour Treatment 15 min $55

This is an organic firming eye-contour, smoothing treatment that protects your most delicate facial zone so you can show the world both your inner and outer beauty.


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